Cortana on CyanogenMod

In the past time, Microsoft has “opened up” it’s services and platforms to other ecosystems. And Cortana is one of them. We’ve seen Cortana launch for Android and iOS. But it will now come with CyanogenMod.

Microsoft has teamed up with the people behind CyanogenMod, and made a deal: Cortala will be bundled with CyanogenMod, as it has been spotted on CyanogenMod 12.1. Why did they do this? Well, they apparently wanted to replace Google Now with an alternative solution. And they decided to partner up with Microsoft. What can Cortana do on CyanogenMod? Well, pretty much anything she can do on Android and iOS.

Cortana on CyanogenMod – Cortana everywhere

Cortana has started to pop up everywhere. So far, Cortana is available on Xbox One, Windows 10, Windows Phone 10, as well as Android and iOS (is you live in the US).

Funny Cortana replies

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