Chipgate – What is it?

Recently, there were reports of some iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s+ models having a different chip in them, which result in a small difference in performance and battery life. And there comes the name chipgate.

So, what is the difference? Well, it goes like this: some versions of the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s+ have two different processors. Some versions have a Samsung CPU, while the other versions have a TSMC CPU. First off, there’s the difference in size – the Samsung CPU is a bit smaller (98mm² vs. 104.5mm²). That also means that the chip inside is different (Samsung is 14nm, while the TSMC is 16nm).

So, how can you tell the difference? If you want to know, go to the App Store, and download the app called Lirum Device Info Lite. If your model number on your iPhone 6s is N71AP, that means you have a Samsung chip. But if your model number is N71MAP, you have the TSMC chip. If you have the iPhone 6s+, and your model number is N66AP, you have the Samsung chip. Otherwise, if your model number is N66MAP, you have the TSMC chip.

Okay, so how does it affect my phone, you might wonder? The biggest impact is on the battery life. The Samsung chip uses more battery, an heats up a but more, since it is smaller. Performance? Not quite. In some tests, the Samsung chip slows down slightly to cool down a little, but in real life use, there is no difference.

Here’s a video of it

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