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How to cheat in Android games

To cheat in Android games, you need two things: a rooted Android device, and an app, Game Guardian. Here’s how to cheat in Android games.

If you are familiar with Cheat Engine on PC, then you  won’t have problems using Game Guardian on Android. This should work with most, if not all Android games. Yes, there is the Cheat Engine app for Android, but that one didn’t work for me, unfortunately. So, for this demonstration, we will be using Game Guardian.

First of all, you need to download Game Guardian. Click here to download it.   When you install it, make sure the app has root access, otherwise it won’t work.

How to cheat in Android games

Once you have installed it, open it up. I do recommend opening the game itself, first. Once you have set it all up, hit the top left corner. A list should pop up. Select the game you want to modify. Now, the fun part. Locate the value you want to change. For this demonstration, we will be using Plague Inc. We will change the amount of DNA points. Right now,it is 8. Open Game Guardian, then select KNOWN. Input your value, in this case, 8. After the, head back to the game. You MUST change your value withing the game. In this demonstration, I’ll change it to 0 by buying something in the game. Then, head back to Game Guardian, hit KNOWN again, and type in your new value.

You might want to repeat this “hunting-down” process a few times till the result list ins small, say, under 10. When you have that, select every value, one by one, and change the values to your desire. Head back to the game, and it should work. You might want to try and bu something, even if it says it didn’t change.  This should work for most games.

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