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How to change the boot animation on Android

Changing the boot animation on Android is fun and anyone can do it. Here’s how to change the boot animation on Android.

Now, there are two ways you can do this: The easy way, or the hard way.

The easy way is using the app “Boot Animations”. With that app, you can select and change your boot animations. You can either download boot animations, or make your own. Using this app, you can convert any GIF to boot animation.

The hard way

Now, doing all of this manually will take more time. The result is the same, although, you can create your own animation.

When creating the animations, make sure the resolution matches the resolution on your phone!

Anyways, when you have created the boot animation, you will need to turn it to something like a GIF. To be more precise, you will be extracting all of the frames of the animation, so you will end up with a folder full of jpegs. For that, we will be using “Free Video to JPG Converter”. Once you have converted your animation to jpegs, you will need to do the following. Create a folder called “Animation”. In that folder, create a folder called “Part”. In the part folder, do the following:

Create a folder called “Part00” Copy the jpeg here. The number of jpegs MUST NOT GO OVER 100! After that, create a new folder called “Part01”. Continue adding jpegs, till you have inputted all of the jpegs. The number of folders depends on the durations of the length of the animation. Next, go ahead and install “Boot Animation Creator“. Open it and select your part folder. Once you have selected your part folder, on step 2, click “add loop”. Keep selecting folders till the last one. When you reach your last part folder, SET THE NUMBER OF LOOPS TO 0. Click next and hit save. Name the zip file to “bootanimation”. Now, copy it to your phone. Open you File Manager on your phone and copy it to system/media. You might want to make a backup of the original boot animation, just in case you decide to go back to the original one. Reboot the device and enjoy the animation!

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