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New Weather Cards for Google now

If you use Google now regularly, you are probably familiar with their Weather Cards. But did you notice any changes? It seems that Google is testing new...


Cortana on CyanogenMod

In the past time, Microsoft has “opened up” it’s services and platforms to other ecosystems. And Cortana is one of them. We’ve seen...

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Huawei P7 Lollipop update review

A while ago, I made a video of my first impressions of the lollipop update for the Huawei P7. And first impressions were quite good. After doing some tests...


Cortana for iOS

A long time ago, Microsoft confirmed that they will make Cortana for Android and iOS. Android version of Cortana is out for a long time already, but nothing...


Huawei P7 lollipop 5.1.1. hands-on

Huawei has started to roll out OTA updates for their not-so-new Huawei P7. But after a long beta, the official version is finally out. CLICK HERE TO READ THE...


Oppo A33 revealed

Oppo has just released their new low-end budget smartphone – the Oppo A33.

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Tomb Raider II on Android

A while ago, Square Enix released the original Tomb Raider for Android. But they have not stopped there, and they have released Tomb Raider II for Android.


Chipgate – What is it?

Recently, there were reports of some iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s+ models having a different chip in them, which result in a small difference in performance and...

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