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BlackBerry Key2 LE? – New BlackBerry device coming soon

We are getting a new BlackBerry device soon, most likely the BlackBerry Key2 LE.

There were some rumors that BlackBerry might release a new device, and there were some specs and photos leaked here and there. However, it is now confirmed that a BlackBerry event is happening soon, on August 30, at IFA in Berlin. It is expected that TCL (folks who own BlackBerry) will release a new device, most likely the BlackBerry Key2 LE. And it will not be a surprise if they throw in some more stuff in, too.

BlackBerry Key2 LE – invitations all over the place

People have been getting invitations for the event, however, there is absolutely no information given on the invitation – except for the date and place. 

Another possible device that could be launched is the BlackBerry Motion, since it was launched in October last year, but there is absolutely no word about that. And don’t expect anything crazy from BlackBerry, like a smartwatch, tablet, or any smart home device. It might simply be just a launch of the BlackBerry Key2 LE.

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