Best VR games for Android

VR games for Android – If you happen to have a VR viewer and a decent Android device, then take a look at some VR games for Android.

Proton Pulse

To kick our list off, we have an arcade styled game.Proton Pulse is a brick beaker. M.O.I.A. has attacked, and you have to stop it. Use your paddle to direct your energy ball, Proton. Use it to destroy M.O.I.A. core. Click here to check out Proton Pulse.


This game is creepy. This game is scary. This game is a horror game. This is an awesome game. I won’t talk about it much. Go check it out at the Google Play Store. It’s free. Click here to check out Sisters.

Titans of Space

For something laid-back, and for something that won’t make you poop your pants, you might wanna check Titans of Space. This game gives you a tour through space, but on a much lower scale. Despite that, everything is in perfect ratio. The game is free! Only thing going against it is that it may drain your battery a bit faster, since it will push your device. Click here to check out Titans of Space.

VR games for Android – BombSquad VR

Taking it up a notch is BombSquad VR. For this game, you wanna make sure that you have an actual controller, and that your device can muster up enough power to handle the game. Best way to test it is to try the regular. BombSquad VR is another arcade game. All you have to do is avoid bombs. Sounds simple, right? No…not really… Click here to check out BombSquad VR.

Deep Space Battle VR

More space stuff! Only this time, it’s not laid-back and relaxing, no, no… This time, you have your spaceship, and your mission is to take down enemy spaceships. You have to defeat the Shadow Fleet. The game really is a blast, and fun to play. Did I mention it’s completely free? Click here to check out Deep Space Battle VR.


Ignoring the rather silly name, Caaaaardboard! is an aweomse VR game. This game allows you to jump off very tall building and perform stunts. Not much to say here, really… Click here to check out Caaaaardboard!

Insidious VR

Want more horror games for VR? Insidious VR has got your covered. This game really does demonstrate the power of VR, since it gives you a tour of the afterlife. It is a bit short, but then again, it IS free. Click here to check out Insidious VR.

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