Best Samsung Galaxy S7 cases

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is an awesome phone. But with these cases, it can be even better.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 cases – ZeroLemon battery case (7500mAh)

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a really good battery life. But if that isn’t enough for you, then you should take a look at this case. The ZeroLemon battery case packs a massive 7500 mAh batter. This amount of battery power will get you easily through a day now matter what. Sure, it is not the prettiest thing, and it will add some bulk to your phone, but I thing that the trade-off is worth it.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 cases – VRS Design

If you want something that looks fancy, sleek and elegant, then this case is for you. It has a sleek look, and the case is made out of leather. It also fully protects your precious Galaxy S7. This case also has 3 pockets for your money or credit or debt cards, ID… You can choose between different colour schemes.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 cases – Cellularvilla Armor Rugged Holster Dual Layer Case Cover

Need additional protection for you Galaxy S7? Cellularvilla has you covered. Featuring a roughed and bad-ass design,  two layers of protection and a built-in kickstand, this case has it. With it, you shouldn’t have to worry that much of damaging your Galaxy S7. You have the choice of lots of different colours.

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Best Samsung Galaxy S7 cases – clear Trianium case

If you don’t want anything fancy, stlyish, ruggid or bulky, a simple, clear case is the answer for you. This case is as simple as it gets, offering simple protection for your Galaxy S7 and will keep it safe from scratches.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 cases – LED Cover

Coming straight from Samsung, the LED Cover displays the current time in a fancy way. But wait, there’s more. Among other things, it can display incoming calls, notifications, has volume controls etc. You also get a pocket inside for a card, for example, your credit card. And it looks fancy!

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 cases – S View Cover

This case offers similar functionalities like the previously mentioned case, but in slightly less fancy way…and ad a lower price. It’s pretty basic, but still gives you a glimpse at the top of your screen, where your clock is and most recent notifications. Also offers basic protection.

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