Best multiplayer games for Android - Modern Combat 5
Best multiplayer games for Android - Modern Combat 5

Best multiplayer games for Android

If you don’t like playing against bots, here are some of the best multiplayer games for Android that you might enjoy.

Best multiplayer games for Android – Pocket Tanks

Okay, you probably know about this one, but if you don’t it is a real classic. The concept is simple. You, and your enemy, have a tank. Use controls to move your tanks left-right, adjust the firing angle and firing power. Choose your weapons carefully, since every weapon has it’s pros and cons. It features simple, 8-bit graphics. You can play Online multiplayer, or with your buddy, while you’re waiting for the bus. Top tip – don’t set the difficulty to maximum…you will die.

Best multiplayer games for Android – NBA Jam

If you fancy sports and NBA, you should give this game a shot. The game features rather…interesting graphics, and lots of game modes, such as:
Play Now – Select a team and jump right into the ballgame.
Classic Campaign – Defeat all other teams to win the championship, and unlock legends, hidden players, and outrageous cheats.
Local Multiplayer – Go big head 2 big head against a friend via local WiFi or Bluetooth
Online Multiplayer – Challenge your Google+ friends to play head-to-head online
You can even “be on fire” if you score three times in a row with the same player, without the opponent scoring. The game also supports Android TV and controllers. The game is 5$, and there are no other purchases in the game.

Best multiplayer games for Android – Worms 2 Armageddon

Just like Pocket Tanks, this is another port of an awesome game! It features a similar game mechanic as Pocket Tanks, but the game features more carnage, and up to 4 teams can play (bots, online multiplayer, or local multiplayer). You can customize your own team, by changing your worms names, hat, skin, speech bank, gravestone, fort and victory dance! If there are a lot of players in a game, things get really crazy really fast. It is not uncommon to blow up the entire map. And there are a lot of game modes to choose from. You do have other Worms games, but this one is my personal favorite, since it resembles the original Worms 2 the most. The game is 3.72$.

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Best multiplayer games for Android – World of Tanks Blitz

More tanks! But in World of Tanks Blitz, you get to drive the tank around and fire at loads of other tanks! The game features wonderful 3D graphics. That said, you will need 3 GB of free space on your device for the game, and some processing horsepower to push the game. If you have played World of Tanks on PC, you shouldn’t have any issues getting familiar with the game. If you don’t know, you basically start with small tanks, and eventually earn coins and XPs which allows you to buy bigger and better tanks, of various types, like artys or heavy tanks. One side-note…the community is a bit…toxic. Keep that in mind.

Best multiplayer games for Android – Modern Combat 5

Switching over to FPS games, we have Modern Combat 5. When it comes to FPS Games for Android, Modern Combat 5 is almost as good as it gets. Featuring awesome graphics, controls you can adjust to your liking, and online multiplayer, you can’t ask for much more. Rich game content will keep you entertained for hours. The game also features In-game chat. However, this being a free games, the game does feature lots of in-game purchases, which can be a tad bit too aggressive.

Best multiplayer games for Android – Asphalt 8 Airborne

If you fancy racing games, take a look at the Asphalt series. You have a few to choose from, but Asphalt 8 Airborne is the most popular one. Asphalt Xtreme is more focused on Rally, while Asphalt Nitro is more focused on running on low-end hardware. Anyways… This game allows you to choose from your average daily runners to epic racing cars. You can perform some trick moves to gain more nitro boost, so you can blast your way to the finish line. The graphics are also really good. This game is an arcade game, so don’t expect simulation-like physics. And, of course, the game being free, you do have in-app purchases, some of them are rather pricey for a mobile racing game, but it’s not a game-breaker. Take my advice and get the Focus RS as soon as you can. That thing grips like mad!

Best multiplayer games for Android – Dream League Soccer

…or football. Whatever. Dream League Soccer is a really popular, and a really good football game. You start with your own team, and your own stadium. Control your team and win games. Wining games earns you money, which you can spend on player development, buying new players or upgrading your stadium. You can, of course, do this while playing against bots, but why not take it to the next level and play online? You will be lucky if you pull a match together, since most people quit the game after you take the lead.

Best multiplayer games for Android – Farming Simulator 16

Aaaand now a completely different type of game, that you probably didn’t see coming, but it’s here! Farming Simulator 16! If you’re familiar with the desktop version of Farming Simulator 15, you will notice that the games look much alike, and share pretty much all of the features. It’s basically a scaled-down version of the desktop game. If you haven’t played it, here’s what’s it about. You have your own farm. You star with basic equipment, and the point is to harvest and sell your crops, earn money, buy bigger land, bigger machines, earn more money, buy even bigger fields, even bigger machines, which will help you to earn even more money etc…Yes, you can do all of this alone, but it really helps to have a friend to help you with this, and help you around your farm. Oh, yes, you can evenually buy bad-ass machinery to cut down trees ‘n stuff. The game is 5$, but you do have Farming Simulator 14, which is free.

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