Best camera apps for Android

If you like taking fancy photos, or selfies, then you should check out these camera apps. Here are some of the best camera apps for Android.

I will mention that not all of these apps will work on all devices. You have been warned.

Best camera apps for Android – Cardboard Camera

If you want to take pictures in full 360, then you should try Cardboard Camera. It allows you to take pictures in full 360 degrees. After you have taken your photo, you can easily view it in your Google Cardboard app. The app is free, but taking 360 photos can  be a bit of a pain, but totally worth it later on.

Best camera apps for Android – ProShot

A slim, elegant, but very powerful camera app for Android. It is probably one of the better looking camera apps…well, that’s my opinion. You have you most common manual controls here –  ISO, white balance, exposure, focus… This app also has something called Light Painting, which allows you to watch the image develop with motion blur.

Best camera apps for Android – Manual Camera

The name is pretty self-explanatory. Manual Camera, like many other camera apps, uses the Camera2 API, which is available from Andoid Lollipop. Of course, this app gives you full control over your photos. You get manual shutter speed, manual ISO, focus distance, white balance etc. This app also features a nice tutorial at the start. But, before buying the app, please run the compatibility test.

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Best camera apps for Android – Cinema FV-5

If you record a lot of videos on your phone, and you want those videos to look good, take a look at this app. Cinema FV-5 gives you a lot of control over your video. It offers similar controls as the Camera FV-5, but is more focused on video. But one thing is for sure. This app can do a lot of stuff. For instance, you can plug in a headset with a microphone, and use the headset’s microphone (something I wish I had a while ago). Professional viewfinder, sound metering options, video and audio codecs…this app has it all.

Best camera apps for Android – DSLR Camera Pro

The point of this app is to give you a DSLR-like experience off of your phone’s camera. And it does a great job at it. Like all of the previously mentioned apps, it gives you full manual control over your photos. But a bit of a fancy feature it has is the two-state shutter button. Touch to focus, and then release to take the picture.

Best camera apps for Android – Google Camera

If you don’t want to bother with all these fancy, manual features like manual controls, and just want to take a simple photo, use Google Camera. It’s not feature rich, it was never meant to be. It was meant to be user-friendly and simple to use.Here’s an alternative, if you can’t download it

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