Best adventure games for Android

Like adventure games? Here are some of the best adventure games for Android.

The Talos Principle

If you have never heard of Talos Principle, it’s one of the best puzzle games on the market. Period. It contains loads of Portal-like puzzles, but uses different game elements. It received very positive feedback on Steam, and it’s out on Android, too. However, it only works on nVidia-powered devices, like Portal or Half-Life does, so that’s something to keep in mind…Click here to check out The Talos Principle for Android.


Adventures of Poco Eco

Explore the dream-like work in search for the lost Sound. On your journey, you will have to solve miniature puzzles, that won’t give you a headache. Help Poco in his mission! Click here to check out Adventures of Poco Eco.

Best adventure games for Android – République

République is another PC port. République is an episodic stealth adventure that immerses you in a fictional surveillance state. Armed only with backdoor access to surveillance cameras and security systems, you must help the young girl Hope escape and evade a gauntlet of guards. Click here to check out République.


Machinarium is an all time classic. You mission is simple. You have to help your robot Josef rescue his girlfriend Berta kidnapped by the Black Cap Brotherhood gang. In the game, there is no dialogue, so you will have to use body language, body signs and different patterns in the game in order to progress through the game. You will meet many interesting characters. Another good point about this game is that you will play it for a long time. Click here to check out Machinarium.

Lifeline 2

My personal favorite of this list, Lifeline 2 is a text-based adventure game that, if played correctly, can last for days! In Lifeline 2, you don’t have any graphics. All you have is text. You have to help Arika to avenge her parents and rescue her lost brother. Click here to check out Lifeline 2.

Leo’s fortune

Leo used to be rich. He had a lot of gold. But, somebody has stolen his fortune. You have to help him and find his lost treasure. It is probably one of the best side-scrolling platform games out there, with awesome graphics, beautiful soundtracks and unique puzzles. It’s deferentially a game worth trying. Click here to check out Leo’s Fortune.

The Silent Age

In The Silent Age, you play as Phil. Phil realizes that, in 40 years, humanity will become extinct. It’s up to you to find out how, why it happens, and to prevent it. Click here to check out The Silent Age.

Gemini Rue

Gemini Rue takes place on a distant planet, named Barracus. Gemini Rue has a rather dark story line. In Gemini Rue, you play as an ex assassin, named Odin. You wake up in a hospital, with no memory. The place you’re in is filled with identity theft, and crime in general. Click here to check out Gemini Rue.

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