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Android-powered Microsoft phone could be in the works

A Lumia or Microsoft phone running Android is something we haven’t seen yet. However, according to an anonymous agent, we might get an¬†Android-powered Microsoft phone.

The Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL was Microsoft’s last shot at Windows 10 Mobile. Even though the hardware itself was pretty awesome, nobody wanted to use Windows 10 mobile, simply because the platform lacks app support. However, it looks like Microsoft is shifting gears, and is switching their strategy.¬†The information was shared with Windows Latest in a series of messages in which the agent (who wanted to remain anonymous) said specifically that Microsoft is working on a new line of phones which will be powered by Android.

According to this agent, the phone will be a Microsoft-branded Android device. If it is true, do expect a lot of Microsoft bloat, since they have ported a lot of their apps and services to Android and iOS, including Cortana.

However, do take this with a big grain of salt. Agents or “industry contacts” “confirming” an upcoming device or system is nothing new, and it tends to be false. A new months ago, a Samsung agent “confirmed” that the Galaxy S6 will get an official update to Android O. Of course, that did not happen, unfortunately.

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