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Android O for Galaxy S6 in 2018 – almsot perfect

The Samsung Galaxy S6 never got an official update to Android O. However, that did not prevent some people from making their own mod.

The mod has been out for quite a while now, and I’ve talked about it already in the past. It used to suck and was pretty bad. However, it has improved quite a lot.

Android O for Galaxy S6 – setup

The setup is pretty simple. Head over to the XDA forum and get the .zip. You will have to delete everything, including the system. After that, simply flash the system. I highly recommend that you also flash Gapps, since there are no Google apps included in the system.


Android O for Galaxy S6 – usage

One thing you will notice right away is just how fast it is. It boots and runs faster, which makes sense, since it is not loaded with bloatware. You also get pretty much everything Android O had – the same look, feel, camera app, features, battery saver etc. The Always on Display is pretty fancy. There is no bloat whatsoever. And that is down to personal preference. I prefer stock Android.

Android O for Galaxy S6 – bugs

However, it is not perfect.
The camera is still not polished, however, it has improved a lot from last time. It does take pictures and videos. But sometimes, the camera app crashes, and it sometimes takes its time to process the image. And if you decide to take a picture with the flash…good luck. I’ve tried multiple camera apps, and all of them are sluggish.

The battery life is slightly worse than the Galaxy S6 stock ROM.

It sometimes reboots when you get a notification or lock the phone.

When you install the OS, make sure you go to settings and select the default phone app.

Wi-Fi is a bit odd, as it tends to loose connection when the signal strength drops.

So in general, there areĀ some bugs, but they are nothing which would prevent you from using this OS every day.

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