Android Facts

A lot of people use Android today. But just how much do you know about Android? Well, here are some facts you probably didn’t know.

If you want a short history lesson about Android, you can read it here.

1. Android was not started by Google. Although Google owns Android today, it was not like that in the beginning. The original founders of Android were Andy Rubin, Chris White, Nick Sears and Rich Miner. Google bought Android for $50 million, in 2005.

2. Android was not meant for smartphones. Although you can see Android today in many places, in the very beginning, Android was not meant for smartphones. It was meant for digital cameras.

3. First Android smartphone – HTC Dream. HTC was the first company to make a smartphone running Android. It was released on October 2008, with Android 1.0. It received updates all the way to Android 1.6. You can read more about the phone here.

Android Facts – More than a billion users

4. Android has more than a billion users around the world. It’s available in more than 190 countries. On average, there are 1 million new Android users DAILY!

5. Android has a lot of apps to offer. When I say a lot, I do mean a LOT. Right now, there are more that 1 million apps on the Google Play Store, and more than 50 billion downloads!

6. Android. Android everywhere. Android mostly dominates on mobile devices, such as phones and tablets. But you can also find Android running on TVs, cameras, consoles, and, of course, smart watches.

Again, If you want a short history lesson about Android, you can read it here.

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