Android 2.3 in 2017 – it’s surprising usable!(feat. Samsung Galaxy S Captivate)

Android 2.3 Gingerbread was more of a visual overhaul. It had a more simpler UI, better and smoother performance. It now also supported bigger screens…

In short, here is what Android 2.3 brought to the table when it was released…
The keyboard also saw a major improvement. It had a better look, better text predictions, better spelling corrections, and a much more simpler copy-paste process, just by tapping and holding the word. Android 2.3 Gingerbread was also a huge landmark for gaming, as it took better usage of the sensors, CPU, audio output… It also featured a landmark in power and RAM management, as it didn’t keep the device awake as it usually did. Power management in the settings menu was also improved.

You can see that Android has improved a lot. Both aesthetically, and performance wise!
Both phones are running Samsung’s home-grown TouchWiz UI. However, on the captivate, you have the TouchWiz 3.
Android 2.3 is still fairly supported. Opening the playstore reveals a fairly up-to-date of the store. Most newer apps are still shown, however, just because you can see it, doesn’t mean you can install it, for example, Chrome. But still, you can install most of the apps without major issues, but it may take a while.
As mentioned last time, same goes for YouTube. Opening it up reveals an older version of the app, and some features aren’t there, like cards or end screens. Other than that…still pretty usable.

Despite Android 2.3 boosting gaming performance in it’s day, playing games on Android 2.3 today is a bit of a pain because of it’s limited hardware.
Let’s not forget the simple, basic version of task manager, which was a big deal. Name says it all, it displays active apps, available/used ram, free storage etc.
And generally scrolling through the UI shows how much Android has progressed.
More details in the video….

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