AIDA64 for Windows Phone

AIDA64 celebrates it’s 20th birthday. Just like we have AIDA64 for Desktop PCs, AIDA64 has came to Windows Phone. And it’s quite nice.

So, what is AIDA64? Well, in a nutshell, it gives you information about your device. If you were on a PC, it would give you various information, like your CPU model, Motherboard model, amount of RAM etc.

AIDA64 for Windows Phone

That’s where AIDA64 comes for Windows Phone. It basically does the same as it does on PC. With it, you can access various information about your Windows Phone device. That includes CPU information, RAM info, screen info, OS info, battery info and much more. It also provides you with various sensor information. With AIDA64 for Window Phone, you can also check Direct3D GPU details, Windows OS properties…It gives you info about your network, too. And much more.

You can download AIDA64 for Windows Phone here.

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