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Best phones of 2016 (early July)

Best phones of 2016 – we’re only about half way in 2016, but despite that, some awesome phones have been released. Here are some of the Best phones...


Best Nokia phones

Nokia sure had it’s day. Sadly, Nokia barely makes anything today. Here are some of the best Nokia phones ever made.


Best phones ever made

Many smartphones made today are really good. Awesome camera, great battery (mostly), superb performance…but to be one of the very BEST? Yeah, that takes...


Google symptom search

Google symptom search – If you think you have some kind of illness, a quick Google search of your symptoms can now reveal what illness you might have.


Intel Performance Viewer

Intel Performance Viewer can help you measure a lot of things on your Android. From FPS to network usage, Intel Performance Viewer has it all covered up.

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