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15$ Gaming mouse with RGB – MS Missile

A great gaming mouse with RGB for small money!

First, a quick physical overview.
Just like the Imperator, it feels really nice in the hand and and it is a real pleasure to use, and has decent weight to it. The clicks are nice, tactile and responsive, and feels really sturdy, as well as the scroll wheel. Right next to the scroll wheel is a button for tripple clicks, but it can be assigned a different function via the software that comes with the mouse. Under the wheel, you have a DPI indicator, and under it are + and – buttons to adjust the DPI level. Note that these buttons, as well, can be assigned to a different function. On the left side, you have two programmable buttons, as well as a window, through which you can see the RGB magic.
A bonus thing is that it looks bad-ass IMO.

Now, inside of the box, you also have a driver CD. Usually, I ignore these, but I had to use this one. Installing the software was easy. Inside the app, you can adjust all sorts of things. You can assign different functions to every key, but the left and right click. 

Basically, the software gives you full control over your mouse. You can asign pretty much every funtion to the every button on the mouse, except the left and right button, of course. This includes key combinations, triple clicks, keyboard “clicks” etc. You do have a lot to play with.

And the wonderful RGB. You can, of course, turn it off, but why’d you do that? You have 3 modes. Standard, Neon and Breathing, or respiration. Standard and respiration go through the 8 colours you can set. Standard mode just switches colours, while breathing mode is more gentle cycle of colours.And neon mode just puts up a light show. The only downside to all this is that the RGB is a bit dim, and would be nice if it was brighter, but hey…it’s 15$!

So to sum up… this 15$ gaming mouse is really good. If you can find one, do buy it. More about buying it in the video.

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