Cortana is now on Android… sort of

This May, Microsoft officially announced that Cortana will come to Android and iOS this year. They said that will happen somewhere around the time when Windows 10 is released. But Cortana has other plans.

All of a sudden, the Internet is full of images and news that Cortana is now on Android. And yes, Cortana was and is planned to come to Android and iOS, but not this early. Since this is not an official .APK , you will have to search for it. So, what can Cortana do on Android? Well, so far, almost everything she can do on Windows Phone, she can do it on Android…almost. You can ask her about the weather, ask her for the news, some basic facts etc. And yes, she uses Bing instead of Google as a search engine… which I sad. Also, Cortana does not yet support the “Hey, Cortana” feature. What this does, it gets her attention, so you can activate her using your voice. Cortana is also a bit faster on Android, mainly because a newer code is applied, but it will hopefully come to Windows Phone.

Even when the official app for Cortana comes for Android and iOS, she won’t be able to do everything compared to Windows Phone. The reason for this, according to Microsoft, is because Cortana is deeply integrated into Windows Phone. Even though this is not the final and official version of Cortana for Android and iOS, it’s nice to see that Microsoft is really serious about this.

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